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female professionals coaching

Feel empowered, balanced and focussed so you can SHINE 

As female professionals, there are many demands we have to deal with. We want to do well and progress to the next level in our career. On top of that, as women, we are typically dealing with many chores, tasks, and pressures outside the workplace. Women are good at multitasking, but juggling so many things can be overwhelming, and can make it hard to maintain our focus.


And, as women we are sensitive – that’s what makes us good carers, mothers, and leaders. This sensitivity makes it extra important, however, to find the right balance, and stay connected to that inner compass of wisdom and love – our true self.


As a former lawyer and barrister at a global law firm I have personally experienced the demands and pressures of the corporate world. Drawing on this experience and on my training as a certified Personal Development Coach, I can provide you with practical tools to work towards your goals with clarity and focus. In our coaching sessions, I will increase your self-awareness and shine a light on what is blocking you, so you can move past what holds you back and embrace your full potential and lead courageously and gracefully from your heart.

It is your time to shine in both your career and personal life!


“We desperately need more leaders who are committed to courageous, wholehearted leadership and who are self-aware enough to lead from their hearts, rather than uninvolved leaders who lead from hurt and fear.” 


Brené Brown

Why Coaching?

How can Transformational Coaching help you to rise up to your full potential so you can shine in both your professional and personal life?

Why Coaching?


Often, successful female professionals struggle to find their focus and feel trapped between two worlds. They feel that they have to live a certain life – they feel that others expect this from them, or perhaps they demand that from themselves. I certainly used to feel that way when I was working as a lawyer. I felt I was on an express train knowing exactly what my final destination was going to be. When I realized I had enough of the journey, I decided to get off the train.

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Clarity Package
Four Sessions

Raise your awareness and gain clarity, so you can work towards your goals with confidence and focus

Fortnightly Coaching
Monthly Membership

Learn and understand how to maintain your balance and focus in your personal and professional life.

Coaching and Wellness
Private 3-Day Retreat

Join a private 3-Day Coaching & Wellness Retreat in Queenstown, New Zealand. The ulimate retreat when you feel stuck and need a break.

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"We have to find a way to continue to lift other women up in our worlds and in our lives as much as possible."


Michelle Obama


Confidence Booster
Back To Calmness
Tap Into Love & More

As a female professional you usually don't have a lot of time on your hands during your workday. I’ve created a few short Workday Mini Mediations that will take just a few minutes of your time. You can listen to them at your desk, or  – when you lack privacy - in the bathroom.


"You can carve your own path, be your own kind of leader. We do need to create a new generation of leadership."


Jacinda Adern

Video Tips

Workday Mindfulness Tips
Workday Mindset Tips
Workday Movement Tips

Would you like to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into your workday? I created some short videos with practical tips and simple tools on how to weave in mindfulness and meditation practices into your busy workday. 

I also created videos with practical tips for better posture and voice and for those who would like to improve their sleep feel free to watch the Evening Stretching Routine video.  

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Today, diversity and equality are a priority in the workplace. Yet despite our best efforts we still don’t have enough women in top roles.  How do we change that? Crucial is building a culture where female professionals can thrive, with tailor-made training and programs, assistance, and continual measurement and follow-up to help them rise to the top. These training and programs need to be delivered by a coach who has a business understanding and who talks the language of the organisation. Because of my corporate background as a lawyer/barrister at a global law firm and my training and practice as a certified coach I have both a strong business organizational understanding and a strong coaching practice.  

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