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My Story

After making the decision to get off the express train, I stopped at various exciting stations to pursue my true passions. I moved from the Netherlands to Australia and started a family.  I studied acting, set up a fashion business, and after moving to New Zealand I started organising inspirational events. I authored and published motivational children’s books and became an accredited Personal Development Coach, focussing on female professionals.

My life is much more fulfilling now and I definitely shine more than I used to. Now I want to help YOU shine brighter every day as a woman in your personal life, as a professional, and as a leader. 

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“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.”


Audrey Hepburn
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My Key Elements

My Aspiration

I want to be the best coach I can be – my passion is to lift people’s energy to their highest level in love, purpose and fulfillment in life. I want people to thrive and to shine in their careers and in their personal lives. Not to outshine others but to be a shining example for others to look up to and to take as a role model.


I want to help you find your focus, define your values and help you to live your life as courageously as possible. I don’t want you to tiptoe through life. I want you to embrace it, dance through it and to enjoy every move!

My Coaching Qualifications

I am a certified coach through the renowned International Coaching Federation (ICF) and I have been granted the Transformative Coaching Certificate. Since I love to keep learning and evolving, I am attending further specialized training at the ICF, and I have been granted Neuroscience certification via HarvardX and Mindfulness at Work professional certification via Berkeley University.

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"Shine for one another so they can shine. Not to outshine, but to shine for others."


Dr. Joe Dispenza

My Experience

Before becoming a Personal Development Coach I explored many different professional fields in various countries, which allows me to understand the different individual context of each of my clients. A few of my professional adventures are:


I know the thrills and stress of the corporate arena well as I used to be part of it.

I worked as a lawyer and barrister for an international law firm in the Netherlands for six years. My specialization was in employment law. In that role, I worked closely with HR professionals, business leaders and CEO’s of blue chip international companies.



After moving to the other side of the world. I started my own import/export business to bring European children’s fashion to Australia. There was a gap in the market that I closed and I learned many valuable business-building lessons through it.

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“Lead courageously and gracefully with corporate elegance and style.”


Annekarien van de Velde

Events Organiser

I own an events business in Queenstown, New Zealand. We focus on organising inspirational events that bring people together and lift people’s energy using the unique natural beauty that Queenstown is famous for.



Writing stories is a passion of mine, especially when these stories inspire children to live more consciously. I have authored three children’s books, ‘Feel Your Way Through Life’, ‘Oliver and his Magical Cloud Paradise’ and ‘The Lonely Christmas Tree’.



While living in Sydney I graduated from leading drama school Acting Centre Australia and the screen acting school Screenwise. I have performed in many plays, and I am still actively involved in the Remarkable Theatre Company in Queenstown.

Giving Back

Giving back is something that is very important to my sense of fulfillment. While in law school, I worked as a volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House. After university, I volunteered working with drug addicted street children at Papa Juan XXIII in Bolivia. I still regularly volunteer in our local community and internationally at events.
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