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Female Professionals in Top Roles

Today, diversity and equality are a priority in the workplace. Yet despite our best efforts we still don’t have enough women in top roles.  How do we change that? Crucial is building a culture where female professionals can thrive, with tailor-made training and programs, assistance and continual measurement and follow-up to help them rise to the top. 

Programs for Female Professionals
My tailor-made programs offer transformational coaching with personalised fortnightly 45-minute coaching sessions, designed specifically for female professionals. The sessions offer participants practical tools to work towards individual goals with clarity and focus – to help them achieve their true potential. The sessions take place via a zoom call and are usually either booked on a set day and time or scheduled as it suits.  

In addition to personal coaching sessions, I also provide group mindfulness at work training for female professionals, either in person or online. These trainings offer simple tools for practicing mindfulness and well-being at work.

Feel free to contact me to discuss a program that suits your firm’s needs. 

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